Kiteboarding Association, India.

The official national sporting body governing kiteboarding in India as “The Class Association”, recognised by the Yachting Association of India with the aim of developing the sport right from grassroots to Olympics competetion level.

Set the Standards

Implementing safe practises & standard operating protocols as per the IKO, BKSA, or equivalent training & certification bodies.

Broadbase the Sport

Popularise the sport pan India wide, by effective utilisation of coastlines and water bodies country wide.

Nurture Young Talent

Focus on youth age groups for creating a globally competetive national squad.

Create Events Calender

Coordinate an annual calendar of competition, fun & ranking events.

Promote Training of All Levels & Categories

Create a network of Kite Schools, certified instructors & individuals for well organised training.

The Aim

A primary goal is to nurture young talent  to represent India for the inaugural kitesurfing event, at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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Training Promos

From our affiliate IKO certified partner training schools

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